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ok, so i know in blogging there are a few subjects best left untouched. examples: views on circumcision, vaccines, and co sleeping. but i’m a firm believer in doing what works for your own family and particular situation. 

tonight i went to a monthly meeting at the holistic mom’s group that i have recently found. i go in each meeting with an open mind and heart. i take my notebook and diligently write notes. because, i don’t know it all. i don’t know much at all really. like most all other moms, i’m learning along the way. i loved that tonight i walked into a meeting about something that i still didn’t fully know my stance on.


kian my first born was vaccinated for dTap. something in my gut felt wrong for doing it. the second dose he received made him have a terrible reaction. that’s when i knew i needed to do my own research. it lead me to so much info that quickly became overwhelming. i still after all these years sort of have a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” mentality regarding this touchy subject.

this post isn’t saying “vaccines are the devil!”  because i don’t believe that at all. i’m only going to share the notes from the class tonight, because so many of my twitter and in real life mama friends were interested in seeing. 


that’s the schedule from the cdc’s website for vaccines. did you know you can space them out? even dr. sears, the founder of attachment parenting gives alternative schedules that can be easier for your babies body. did you know that you can find a vaccine friendly doctor in most areas? you have options. you can ask questions. 

did you know that a child, from the time they’re born until kindergarten gets 133 doses of vaccines? does this seem kind of scary to you? (i don’t remember the exact number but the speaker informed us it was around 30 when we were growing up)

the thing i do is ask myself do the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks? i started my research with VAERS. vaccine adverse event reporting system, is a national vaccine safety surveillance program co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration. 

we were given a chart that shows the number of cases of infectious disease reported to the CDC since 1988 compared to the VAERS time report. and keep in mind that only an estimated one tenth of vaccine related injuries are ever reported. also, with a vaccintation rate of over 90% in the u.s some of these instances of disease likely occurred in people who were vaccinated. some examples that blew my mind:

diphtheria: cdc reports 33 cases, 7 deaths. vaers reports: 116,682 injuries and 2,188 deaths. 

polio: cdc reports 77 cases, 2 deaths. vaers reports: 67,390 injuries and 1,924 deaths. 

(sources from cdc and vaers)

this info is there. we just need to dig deep. 

another “ah” moment for me: according to the cdc “public health officials do not rely on vaccines alone to control epidemics. to prevent the spread of disease, it is necessary to provide sanitary water and food supplies; educate on hygiene; and insect and animal management”

what about typhoid and scarlet fever for which we have not widely vaccinated against? they seem to decline at the same rate as the “vaccine-preventable” diseases. 

i won’t go into all my ah ha moments. but i will say that the ingredients… well shocked me. even if you choose to vaccinate (and someday i might get one or need a chicken pox vaccine for them. i know i have rights. you can and should ask your pediatrician for the product insert from the vaccine they use on your baby. take it home. only want a vaccine for whopping cough and not 8 others? call them, tell them. they may not have a single dose just for whooping cough but they can order it from the manufacturer. don’t feel comfortable giving your 2 month old a shot (hepatitis b) that can be contracted through SEX WITH AN INFECTED PERSON, TATTOO, ACUPUNCTURE WITH UNCLEAN NEEDLES, OR SHARED NEEDLES say so.

want your vaccines spaced out? you have options.

remember, being exposed to a “disease” is not always scary. i hope and pray that my kids get chicken pox. did you know people have chicken pox parties?! 

the last thing i leave you with, some valuable info- whether you choose to or not.

1. call ahead and find out what brands of vaccines they plan to use on your baby. use the vaccine calculator. google the brand name + “package insert” 

2. keep your own records of each shot given. include date, brand name, lot # location shot administered, and if your baby had any reactions. 

3. be aware of the possible side affects. immediately report any reactions to your doctor and vaers.  

4. don’t vaccinate your baby if he or she is sick. 

5. follow your gut

6. know what’s in vaccines. the list tonight shocked me. chicken embryo and human diploid tissue (taken from lung tissue from a 14 week aborted fetus) were shocking. 

no one can make the decision for your family. i just want to help give some info that i learned about tonight for the first time. i know the internet searches can be a bit overwhelming! 

love, peace, and happy babies,



  1. wordsunderthewords said: Thank you for sharing this. I hope everyone takes a deeper look into what they’re putting into their babies bodies.
  2. rebirthofnewlife said: This is why we space them out. Right here! I believe we need them but not all at once. I agree completely with this post.
  3. hawaiianmommy said: A friend of mine who is a doctor also told me that if your child has digestion problems (like Aeva), they should get their vaccines one at a time a couple weeks apart each otherwise it can upset their digestive system and settle in the stomach
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